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Calm. Collected. Mindful.


RopaNa Wellness is an holistically-minded & eco-friendly company from Vermont, dedicated to providing pure, safe, and effective hemp products at compassionate prices.

RopaNa is a company with a positive vision. RopaNa is a Sanskrit word that means “to heal oneself”. Our philosophy is built on the need for knowledge, quality and transparency in the CBD Hemp Industry.


We are here to bring you the absolute finest Vermont hemp products at compassionate prices including THC-Free and Full Spectrum options. Hemp plants contain naturally occurring bioactive compounds that work synergically with our body to produce several possible therapetic benefits.  


Become a member of the RopaNa Compassion Program today and save 35% off of all of our small batch, Vermont crafted CBD. We offer free one year memberships to a wide variety of qualifying situations including veterans, financial need and chronic illness as mentioned in Leafly.  You can also pay to join for as little as $10 per month.

We only use the best quality, all natural and organic ingredients for our products. We choose ingredients that are healthy for you, as well as the environment. 

All of our CBD extracts are tested twice at MCR Labs in framingham, MA, An ISO accredited Facility. We Also test our finished products to ensure consistent & accurate dosing.

All of our products are blessed with two healing mantras because we believe in the power of intention.  

Our business is fueled by our knowledge and desire to help & educate others. 

RopaNa has been situated in the woods of White River Junction, Vermont since 2017. We specialize in vegan & all natural hemp products using local, fair-trade & organic ingredients 


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None of these statements or products have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Per FDA regulations, we cannot recommend specific doses or uses to customers. To read more on this visit our Educate page. 


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