250mg CBD/bottle

8mg CBD/dropper full

1fl oz


Only 3 Ingredients: Organic MCT (100% Coconut derived), 99% CBD isolate, Organic key-lime oil.


Inspried by our deep love for Key Lime Pie! We've added organic steam-distilled key lime essential oil to this Nectar for an amazing terpene profile and benefits! The key lime pairs perfectly with the organic 100% coconut derived MCT oil that we use in all of our Nectar formulations. The experience starts with a bright, uplifting kick of the citrus and finishes with a mellow hint of creamy coconut. Sure to brighten your day and get you going!! Blends great with yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal!! Get wild with it and send photos of your creations to us via ropanaconsulting@gmail.com, @ropanacbd on instagram or facebook.com/ropanacbd and we will be sure to tag you and share it with the CBD community!!!


Also, try adding to seltzer to make a Citrus CBD Soda!

(Oil will not mix completely but flavor is on delicious!)


Known Key Benefits of Lime Oil:

  • may be useful respiratory conditions
  • may relieve stress and anxiety 
  • aids in emotional balance
  • serves as natural disinfectant (antibacterial & antiseptic properties)
  • improves skin & hair health 
  • boosts mental clarity 
  • eases sore throat
  • encourages lmyphatic drainage
  • aids in gallbladder function & fat digestion 


[RopaNa does not guarentee any of these effects. Everyone is different.]


Terpenes Present:

  • Alpha-Pinenes
  • Beta-cedrene
  • D-Limonene
  • Gamma-Terpinene




RopaNa 250mg Organic Key Lime Nectar

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