Can you imagine taking your daily CBD while enjoying the decadent flavor of vanilla ice cream??


Well now you can with our Vanilla Dream CBD Oil! We have searched long and hard to find the absolute best, all natural & organic vanilla flavor to use in our products. The hard work has paid off and we are proud to share this offering with you. Vanilla has actually been used to help with fever and gas in addition to menstrual issues. It has also been said that vanilla can ease anger and frustration. Allow yourself to reminisce of summertime fun anytime of year with this exceptional flavor!! An amazing addition to your coffee or tea!!


Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil (coconut derived), CBD Isolate (USA grown), Organic Vanilla CO2 Absolute


Bottle size: 1 FL OZ (30mL)


Mood: Relaxed


CBD concentration/1 drop: 2.0mg CBD/drop (~17 drops/mL)


CBD concentration/1 mL: 33.333mg CBD/mL


CBD concentration/30 mL bottle: 1000mg CBD/30 mL bottle


Third Party Lab Test: View Certificate Of Analysis (To be realeased before product release)

Vanilla Dream 1000mg CBD (THC-FREE) Oil

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